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Third, the detection of integrated circuits

Last Update Time: 2018-10-31 11:32:53
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Third, the detection of integrated circuits

Including the basic detection methods of integrated circuits online detection and offline detection ( Figure 1, 2-21 ).

on-line detection : measure the DC voltage of each foot of the integrated circuit,compare with the standard value, judge the quality of the integrated circuit.

offline detection:measure the DC resistance between each foot of the integrated circuit,compare with the standard value,judge the quality of the integrated circuit.The measured data are in agreement with the data on the integrated circuit data,and the integrated circuit can be judged to be good.

Online detection techniques detect the DC voltage of each pin of the integrated circuit on line,so as to prevent a short circuit from sliding between the pins of the integrated circuit,the black pen of the multimeter can be fixedly connected with the " ground " end of the DC voltage by welding a section of copper wire with an insulating layer at the " ground " end,the exposed part of the copper wire is wound on the black watch bar and is placed outside the circuit board to prevent connection to other places on the board.In this way,hold the red watch stick with one hand,find the pin for measuring the integrated circuit,and the other hand can hold the circuit board to ensure that the stylus will not slide.IC replacement detection

When the whole circuit of the integrated circuit fails,the detector often uses the replacement method to detect the integrated circuit.Replacing test with integrated blocks of the same model is one of the quickest test methods. However,it should be noted that if the load short circuit causes the large current to flow through the integrated circuit,it will cause damage,without excluding the short circuit fault,replacing the experiment with the same type of integrated block results in another damage to the integration block. Therefore,the premise of the replacement experiment is to ensure that the load is not short-circuited.