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Second,the package of the integrated circuit

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An integrated circuit is a device with a specific function formed by integrating transistors,resistors,capacitors and other components on a silicon chip with a special process,english:integrated Circuit,abbreviated IC,commonly known as chip. An integrated circuit can perform certain functions,such as amplifying a signal or storing information.The integrated circuit has the advantages of small size,low power consumption and good stability.

An integrated circuit is a key indicator of whether an electronic product is advanced or not.The type of integrated circuits can be divided into analog integrated circuits and digital integrated circuits according to their functions. Analog integrated circuits include operational amplifiers,power amplifiers,integrated voltage regulator circuits, automatic control integrated circuits and signal processing integrated circuits;digital integrated circuits can be divided into bipolar and unipolar circuits according to different structures.Among them,the bipolar circuits are:DTL,TTL,ECL,HTL and so on; unipolar type:JFET,NMOS,PMOS,CMOS four.

Second,the package of the integrated circuit

The package of the integrated circuit is provided with a transistor package,a plug-in package and a surface mount package.Typical surface mount type such as transistor shape package,small shape transistor package,small outline package,square flat package,plastic sealed lead chip carrier, etc.

The pin arrangement order of the integrated circuit is regular,which is generally viewed from the top of the shell,and the reading is counterclockwise from the lower left corner,in the vicinity of the first foot,there are generally reference signs,such as gaps,pits,slopes,color points and so on.As shown in Figure,the general order of the pins is:1 Notch:a semicircular or square notch at one end of the integrated circuit.

pits,color points or metal sheets:in the corner of the integrated circuit,there is a pit, a color point,or a metal sheet

bevel, cutting angle:on the corner of the integrated circuit or on the heat sink,there is a bevel cut angle

No identification mark : the entire integrated circuit without any identification mark, generally can be integrated circuit model face to themselves, face up to the model, counterclockwise from left to right is