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luminescence Properties of InNb1-PXO4: EU

Last Update Time: 2018-10-11 10:25:57
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luminescence Properties of InNb1-PXO4: EU

Excitation spectra of InNb1.6P0.4O4: 0.04Eu sample and InNbO4: 0.04Eu sample without P at 0.4.The comparison of the two kinds of spectra shows that the peak position of the excitation spectrum of the sample is not changed and the peak intensity of the excitation spectrum is larger.

The effect of different doping amount of P on the luminescence intensity of Eu't at 612nm is shown in Fig. 4-9. Under the excitation of 394 nm near ultraviolet light, the relative luminescence intensity of InNb Pu O 4: EU phosphors reaches the maximum at XN 0.4.

It only shows a simple dipole transition, so the "D" of EU. "the ratio of harmonic line strength of R transition to that of DFP transition is 6.2%.) it is often used to detect the symmetry around the substituted ions of the matrix, the lattice position and the inversion center or not. In addition, the change of the peak value of Eno emission can also be used with the. →F. However, the ratio is related to the overall properties of the compounds doped with rare ions, and the ratio is very small in the case of EU. In InNb P04: EU phosphors, the R / O value of EU varies with Nb/P. The increase of P content tends to increase the value of R / O, which is mainly due to the fact that the electronegativity of P is not as high as that of P. In addition, the difference in ion radius between the two atoms is 0.123nmNb and 0.208nmN, which enhances the covalent and polarizability of the crystal chemical bond. In addition, the RVO value is also added

And odd order crystal field parameter B. The greater the intensity of the D / F _ 2 transition, the more EBu "occupies the position of the non-inversion center. The above analysis shows that the crystal environment near the addition of P element in the phosphor InNbOA: 0.04Eu "increases with the increase of the value of R- / O, which is used to obtain the color purity."

Higher phosphors have practical application value.