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Spectral Analysis of In2 (Mo04)3: Eu

Last Update Time: 2018-10-11 10:20:34
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Spectral Analysis of In2 (Mo04)3: Eu

The oppositely called configuration of crystal in the word name selection rules to relax

the EU on Strong "D" was produced.dipole transition.

It is possible to obtain pure red light under the excitation of near ultraviolet and blue

light. Phosphors excited by λ ~ (394am) and λ ~ (464)am

According to the chromaticity knowledge, knowing the chromaticity coordinate of a certain

color, we can determine the saturation of that color.

Summation and main wavelength can also be used to calculate the intermediate color required for color mixing, so the chromaticity coordinates are in the color.

Color ratio is a very important parameter. X, Y, z are three primary colors (red, green,

blue RCBs) needed to match a particular color.

That is, the tristimulus value. The calculation of the tri-stimulus value is based on the

relative spectral power distribution of the light source S.

Emission of In2 Mo04A3: EU excited at 395nm and 466nm

Spectrum. Under these two kinds of light excitation, the emission peak position of the

samples excited by these two wavelengths is lower than 395 nm, except that the intensity of emission spectrum is lower than 395 nm under 466nm light excitation.

Basically the same. The emission spectrum consists of the following four sharp peaks: 593

nm, 612 nm, 654 nm and 704 nm, which correspond to EU "do", respectively. →(4) transition.And 612 nm are two emission peaks with high intensity,Magnetic dipole jumps of 593 nm each belonging to Eu Move do. →7F) and dipole coupling (CD-F3). The EU dipole transition not only has the highest intensity.but also has the highest intensity.

EU is also dominant in the emission spectrum, which indicates that EU occupies the position of no inversion center in the matrix after EU exchange.

Usually, the intensity of charge transfer band of E doped phosphors is higher than that of an absorption band, but the energy transfer is stronger .Of which 395nm 4666nm and 537nm The first two strong absorption peaks correspond to the wavelength of LED GaN chip, which indicates that it can be used to manufacture white light LED. It is well known that the concentration of specific activator in the substrate affects the luminescence performance of phosphors. Therefore, a series of with different EU + doping concentrations were prepared. The effect of EU 'concentration on the emission spectrum and luminescence intensity of the phosphors was investigated. EU doping concentration has little effect on the peak position of emission sharp peak in emission spectrum. From the experimental results, too much or too little EU 'content will reduce the luminescence intensity of phosphors. In this study, the optimum EU 'doping concentration was 40mol / L, and the luminescence intensity of the phosphor reached the maximum value. Below this concentration,the luminescence intensity of EU ions is not high because they are isolated from each other. Once the EU doping degree exceeds 40 mala, the luminescence intensity of the phosphor decreases dramatically.

It is caused by the concentration quenching caused by the energy accumulation between ions.

However, compared with other system phosphors,

For example,phosphors synthesized by combustion method have high quenching concentration.

This can be interpreted as follows: 1: 1 can be interpreted as EU energy through solid state reaction at high temperature.

It is good enough to disperse in the matrix that is to say, EU occupies in position to a large extent, which increases the doping concentration of In2 ~ (2) inorganic compound.

In Moo, "the space of the group is very large, so the distance of Bu increases the chances of Bo gathering each other, which can be connected to the high concentration of luminous dissociation, thus causing the density of extinction."